Terrain Parks

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Mount Sunapee offers several terrain parks for all interests and ability levels. SAGA logo

Six-O-Three Terrain Park

The Six O' Three Terrain Park is our main park covering the majority of the Spruce Peak. The Six O' Three is serviced by its very own triple that shoots right up the middle of the park splitting it into two distinct sections. Jetsream and Pipeline have rails, boxes, jumps, and many other features. This park is designed to push your limits and technical skills. 

The Six O’ Three is home to many of our annual events like the Jingle Jam Rail Jam and Gromathons.

Eastside Skier/Boarder-cross

Eastside is fun for everyone! Our Eastside trail, located mid-mountain off of Westside, is a great spot to catch a little air. You will encounter some rollers, jumps and spines to play on. Eastside does not contain any metal features, it is a 100% snow feature park.

Calypso on South Peak

Calypso is found on our South Peak Learning Area. Inside you will find a large number of snow features that will get you familiar with rollers, spines, and other snow elements you may find in bigger parks. This terrain park is great for beginners looking to progress in freestyle. If you haven't been in a park before, this is a good start.

Lower Province on South Peak

This park is for the beginners ready to take it to the next level.  Also found on South Peak, this park introduces rails and jumps designed for freestyle.  The rails are built close to the snow surface to give a bit more confidence and provide a safe way to get off the feature should you get stuck.  If you want to step into the world of terrain parks, this is a great place to start.