NASTAR at Mount Sunapee

What is NASTAR?

NASTAR is the acronym for the National Standard Race. Developed in 1968, NASTAR is the largest public recreational grass-roots ski race program in the world.

NASTAR’s mission is to provide a fun, competitive and easily accessible recreational ski racing program. Through the development of a handicap system, it allows skiers of all ages and abilities a means to compare themselves against their friends, family members, and the U.S. Ski Team regardless of when and where they race.

How does it work?

If you have already registered for NASTAR, simply give the starter your NASTAR registration number.

If you are new to NASTAR, or have forgotten your number, go to to register, or search your name to retrieve your NASTAR number.

NASTAR Championships

Participants who are ranked in the top 5 in their age & gender category in their division at any NASTAR resort will qualify for the National Championships.

Resort Rankings are also used to qualify snowboarders & telemark skiers for the National Championships.  Participants receive a Resort Ranking at each resort where they race after completing just one NASTAR race.
 Ties are broken by the total number of days raced.


$6.00 for 2 runs

$12.00 for all-day unlimited runs

$115.00 for a Mount Sunapee NASTAR season pass

$3.00 for a single race run without NASTAR registration

NASTAR Schedule

Schedule for 2018-19 Winter Season coming soon!

10 am -2:30 pm

Weekends & Holidays Only


Due to weather conditions, snow conditions, and private groups, hours of operation are subject to change without notice.

Schedule is subject to change.