Welcome to Our Story

By Megan Burch, Director of Marketing

Have you noticed something different? It’s with great excitement that I introduce you to Mount Sunapee’s new look in this all-new build of mountsunapee.com

The process of the Mount Sunapee rebranding tells a story within itself, and the experience is something that I am eager to share and talk about! My co-workers can attest to the fact that every round of this process was hanging on my office walls.  

Rebranding was fun, long and even arduous at times. We started last fall with a mission to capture the awe-inspiring feeling that reflects Mount Sunapee in a new design. You know the feeling right? Just stand at the top of Skyway Ledges on our summit. It’s that kind of feeling. 

Anyone that has visited Mount Sunapee knows it’s a very special place. Upon arrival, you get the sense that this place might just be an extension of your family. It’s familiar, it’s warm (even in the middle of a cold winter’s day) and it’s a place where everyone in the family has fun. We wanted you to have the same experience when visiting our website.  Here you are, keep reading to learn how we got here…

Sunapee, an Algonquian Indian word meaning “Goose Lake”, is known for giving people goosebumps. Race NASTAR down Eggbeater, ride the Duckling Double, have a drink in Goosefeathers Pub, or drop your child off at our Mother Goose Daycare, and you will notice the Goose has made its presence known. 

It may be hard to believe that the first question we asked ourselves and a handful of key influencers in our community was this – Do We Shoot the Goose? (yikes!) or  Do We Spruce the Goose? If you are still reading you’ve already noticed that the goose is alive and well. It has even taken flight (phew)! 

Old and new logos

How did we get there? It was a process. Actually, you would not believe all that goes into the design of something that represents a place that has so many passionate stakeholders! The first step was the discovery process; a collaboration with a new agency called Proportion Design along with some passionate employees and very insightful community members. We also had a family from Boston and two Millennials who had never been to Mount Sunapee. Talk about a lot of chefs in the kitchen! 

The Discovery phase consisted of many conversations, surveys, and yes, even some photos taped to the wall. You gotta respect the process! 

After multiple meetings, opinions, and thoughtfulness, it was no surprise -- and a sense of validation -- that we landed here with our Brand Attributes:

Mount Sunapee is:

Family Spirited Integrity Welcoming Freedom
Loyal Memorable Uplifting Proud
Nostalgic Nature    
Genuine Vested Awe Inspiring Authentic

Now for the fun part: What does this look like when trying to convey those words into a brand identity for Mount Sunapee? Proportion got to work with our team right alongside them.

This website welcomes you to the new brand in its entirety.

Our new logo represents our goose taking a majestic flight with grace. The goose soars upward (a sense we might feel while skiing, mountain biking or zip-lining) it has the warm sun on its back. The wings create an “S” shaped flow, for you know it…, Sunapee. The different color options represent the four seasons that we all love here in New England.  

The colors (this might be my favorite part) are customized and named suitably Lake Sunapee, Cold Wax, Snowgun, Golden Hour, Verde Slate and White. They are fresh, timeless and energetic.

We hope you appreciate the fresh design, new logo, colors, and fonts while knowing that Mount Sunapee is the same place you and I have come to love. The mountains, the lake, the people and that feeling of snow tingling on our face or autumn leaves crunching under our feet are experiences we all share. Mount Sunapee is special, and we are excited to convey this new feeling in this website built by Propeller Media Works.  Start surfing and let us know what you think – and to really understand what we are all about, take a look at the video embeded in this article above and learn a little bit more about our "family" in the videos linked on the right side of this page.

We Are Sunapee

We can't help but smile when someone says "Sun Bowl." We can show you why. We know we'll always find a friend "on the beach" or make a new one. We've taken our holiday picture on top of Skyway Ledges. Smile.

We came for the winter but stayed for the summer. We came for the summer but stayed for the winter. Our groomers kick butt and take names. Every night. We know why things around here are named after geese, and we're good with that. Some days we ski through lunch. Some days, lunch lasts all day. We love rosy cheeks, hot chocolate, chili, and beer. We laugh a little louder.

Did we mention the Beach? We know the snow is going to be great every day because if it's not falling from the sky, we've got the baddest snowmaking system in New England and we know how to use it. Did we mention you can wake surf on it? Really. It's called Lake Sunapee. We like bringing friends and making new friends - even on powder days. Usually, when we bring friends they become lifers too. Yes, that was Steven Tyler you just saw.

We don't worry about our kids getting lost. So, no, we have no idea where they are right now. And that's just fine with us. We know the back way to North Peak. We love to ski when the sun shines. We love to ski when it doesn't. The last run of the year is as sweet as the first. We are Family. We are Fun.