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Mount Sunapee Snow Report (Change to Classic Report)

Chipmunk open today!
Friday, December 15th, Morning Report


It's an exciting time at Mount Sunapee right now! Not only are we enjoying 14 inches of snow from two different snowstorms on Saturday and Tuesday, but we're making snow on 8 trails, Chipmunk is open today, and we're skiing on 65 acres of terrain! The snowguns are now blazing on South Peak and our Learning Center will be open this weekend. Take a break from your holiday shopping and teach a family or friend how to ski!

Today we're skiing on packed powder on all of our open terrain and the Sunapee Express, Sunbowl Express, and North Peak Triple start spinning at 9:00am. Temperatures will be on the colder side again in the mid teens to low twenties. Our snowmakers love the cold and it means we can keep the guns going nonstop! Our snowmaking has moved entirely to lower mountain terrain and we've added Beck Brook and Lower Ridge to our coverage zone.

Spruce Lodge opens today for the season so swing in and grab a quick bite before hitting Chipmunk! We also dropped the ropes on Williamson, Crossover, and Stovepipe this week. We'll be opening the Spruce Triple to service Eggbeater and some park features.

Check out this week's video below to check out our current conditions!

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Please note that we only have intermediate and advanced terrain open at this time. Once South Peak opens this weekend, we will have beginner terrain available.


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Hours of operation

MondayFriday, Nonholiday:
9 am 4 pm
Weekends and Holidays:
8 am 4 pm
starts at 12:00 pm
Holiday Periods:
Weds, 12/26/2012 – Tues, 1/1/2013
Sat, 1/19/2013 – Mon, 1/21/2013
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Weather/Conditions Overview
Lifts Open 3 / 10
Trails Open 18 / 66
Last 24hr " – 0"
Base Depth 12" – 22"
Acres Open 65
Last 48hr " – 14"
Miles Open 5.7
Base Temp 22
Last 72hr " – "
Summit Temp 15
Prim. Surface Packed Powder
Sec. Surface Machine Groomed
Sky Partly Sunny
Sunapee Express Quad but
Sunbowl Express Quad but
North Peak Triple but
Spruce Triple but
Duckling Double but
Clipper Ship Quad but
Middle Carpet but
Flying Carpet but
Piggyback but
Small Carpet but
icon Easier trails
 Beck Brook but
 Coconut Grove but
 Crossover but
 Province but
 Flip Flop but
 Flyway but
 Lower Ridge but
 Paradise but
 Portage but
 Promenade but
 Smooth Sail'n but
 Sunnyside Down but
 Explorer but
 North Peak Pass but
 Toboggan Chute but
 Fin but
 Lemon but
 Lime but
  • groomed
  • snowmaking last 24 hrs
  • moguls
  • gladed
icon Moderate trails
 Bonanza but
 Byway but
 Chipmunk but
 Eggbeater but
 Fox Run but
 Guster but
 Hansen Chase but
 Kick Back but
 Lift line but
 Lower Blastoff but
 Lower Cataract but
 Lower Flying Goose but
 Williamson Trail but
 Lower Wingding but
 Middle Wingding but
 Old Goat but
 Outer Ridge but
 Porky's but
 Skyway but
 Skyway Ledges but
 Spinnaker but
 Sundance but
 Paradise Glades but
 Upper Ridge but
 Stovepipe but
 Upper Wingding but
 Westside but
 Kartwheel but
  • groomed
  • snowmaking last 24 hrs
  • moguls
  • gladed
icon Advanced trails
 Chase Ledges but
 Dare Ya but
 Lynx but
 Upper Blastoff but
 Upper Cataract but
 Upper Flying Goose but
 Upper Hansen Chase but
  • groomed
  • snowmaking last 24 hrs
  • moguls
  • gladed
icon EXPERT trails
 Goosebumps but
 Summit Glades but
 Sunrise Glade but
 Hawes's Hideout but
 Double Dare Ya but
 Cataract Glades but
 Ridge Glades but
 Beck Brook Glade but
  • groomed
  • snowmaking last 24 hrs
  • moguls
  • gladed
icon Terrain
Calypso but
East Side but
Elliot Slope but
Jet Stream but
Pipeline but
  • groomed
  • snowmaking last 24 hrs
  • moguls
  • gladed