Summer Dinners at Mount Sunapee

Below are the dates of the dinners along with brief descriptions of each. Please note space will be limited for these dinners and reservations are required. A credit card will be necessary to secure your reservation.

Whiskeys, Steak and Cigar Night - September 7th

Steak & Cigars

Reservations are sold out.

Guests will be treated to a sampling of scotch and bourbon plus a hearty steak dinner.  Cocktail hour will be held 5:00pm to 6:15pm on the Sunapee Lodge patio.  Dinner service will immediately follow the cocktail hour.  After dinner, savor fine cigars and relax on the patio.  Includes a round-trip to the summit on the Sunapee Express Quad chairlift during cocktail hour.  Dinner includes sampling, cigars and steak dinner. Price per person is $49.95 including gratuities.  Does not include NH Rooms & Meals tax.

Reservation cancellations must be made by the Friday prior to the Summer Dinner date by 5:00pm.