Summer Dinners at Mount Sunapee

Whiskeys, Steak and Cigar Night - July 19th

Steak & Cigars

Guests will be treated to a sampling of whiskey, scotch or bourbon plus a hearty steak dinner.  Cocktail hour will be held 5:00pm to 6:15pm on the Sunapee Lodge patio.  Dinner service will immediately follow the cocktail hour.  After dinner, savor fine cigars and relax on the patio.  Includes a round-trip to the summit on the Sunapee Express Quad chairlift during cocktail hour.  Dinner includes sampling, cigars and steak dinner. Price per person is $53.95 including gratuities and NH Rooms & Meals tax.

Reservation cancellations must be made by the Friday prior to the Summer Dinner date by 5:00pm.

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