U18 Racing Program

U18’s will ski all day (9:00 am – 2:30 pm). The athlete will ski with a team of coaches who will work with each athlete individually at different times. U18 athletes are eligible to compete in races for points with U21 (19 years and up). They will race for points based on results. Each athlete starts each discipline with 990 points and works to lower them based on results. Each U18 will start their racing career in the Tecnica Cup Series. The athlete and parent must attend an early season meeting to discuss race schedules and balancing school with days missed for skiing. The coaching staff will determine the best possible competitive schedule to support the athletes. A coach will be available on the mountain for training on non-race days. We encourage athletes to ski as much as possible throughout the winter, during the week and on the weekend before or after their program. All athletes are required to be members of both USSA and NHARA, (our state racing organization.) Mount Sunapee and USSA require that all athletes wear helmets with hard earflaps.

**At the U18 level, the parents/athletes are required to complete the race forms. Entries should be mailed at least a week in advance with a check. Online entries are available for selected events. If you must cancel, you must call the race secretary at least 3 days prior to the race to receive a refund. All of the numbers and addresses are listed in the NHARA Handbook. This is an important source of information. If the athlete cannot attend a scheduled race, it is the parent/athlete’s responsibility to notify the coach as soon as possible.

Cost: $1,025
After Nov. 1: $1,125
Ages: 16-17 years old (DOB 1/1/97 - 12/31/98)
Dates: November 23, 2014 (snow permitting) – March 29, 2015
Training Weekends, Christmas and February vacation periods.
Time: Saturdays & Sundays; 9:00-2:30pm
Meeting Place: Outside the Gray Race Building
Format: Must be a member of USSA and NHARA.
Tecnica Cup Series.

Important Information for U18:

Alpine Schedule:

8:45a - Meet at gray race building for announcements

9:00a - Morning Session

11:30-1:00p - Lunch Breaks (50mins)

After lunch-2:30 - Afternoon Session

2:30-2:45p - Athlete Pickup

General Information:

Questions? Please call Jill Firstbrook, Alpine Program Director at 603-763-3500 ext. 3548 or e-mail alpine@mtsunapee.com