Welcome to the Mount Sunapee Alpine Programs

Welcome to the Mount Sunapee Alpine Program, which includes the following programs: Alpine Racing, Freestyle, Snowboard, and Development. In each program we will work to provide a clear path of skill development. The coaching staff will build off of the athlete’s current skills, and as the athlete improves more complex movement patterns will be taught.

The Alpine Program Vision

The vision of our Alpine Program is to help in the development of the athlete in all aspects of their life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire a passion for snow sports in our young athletes and to help them reach their potential as athletes. We want them to become good, responsible citizens and develop a strong sense of sportsmanship.

 We use a variety of strategies such as freeskiing drills and gate drills which help improve their abilities and ultimately help in building versatile athletes. We encourage families to attend and participate as much as they possibly can. Skill development is based on repetition and learning how to apply the various skills in all weather conditions, terrain, and competitive environments. We follow a strong standard of behavior and athletic code of conduct. All athletes, coaches, and parents are treated fair and equal.

Alpine Program Code of Conduct

We have a strict standard of behavior and athletic code of conduct. This is based on the USSA and New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association’s Racer Code of Conduct and the general Skier Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship. All athletes, coaches, and parents are treated in a fair and equal manner. Mount Sunapee expects that all athletes and parents will conduct themselves with the highest standard of behavior.

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General Information

Questions? Please call Jill Firstbrook, Alpine Program Director at 603-763-3500 ext. 3548 or e-mail alpine@mtsunapee.com

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Alpine Program PDFs

Below are various forms used by the Alpine Program.